This is the camp dictionary where you can find out all of the meanings to the words that we use that you may not be familiar with.

Advance Party: Those enthusiastic camp staff who arrive early to help set up. Without them camp wouldn’t go ahead.

Carrots: When this is called it is referring to the staff’s well earned tea break.

Dedication Day: Staff planning day. To help the staff to prepare both practically and spiritually.

Orderly: This is the washing up of the cooking equipment that is used in the preparation and serving of meals. This also involves the setting up of the marquee before meals.

Pig Bin: The scrapings from peoples plates go into here at the end of meal times.

Pit: The place where all of the waste products are put (from the kitchen and the toilets). This is mostly carried out while the campers are having their tent chats, and the evidence is buried!

Rearguard: Those dedicated camp staff who stay behind to help clear up and pack the equipment away ready for next year.

Skipper: The person who is in overall charge of the camp.

Sword Drill: A Bible verse is read out, and then it is a race to see who can find it first.

Tent Chat: A time after supper and before lights out when the tent leader/s spend time with their campers talking about spiritual matters, and trying to answer their questions. Usually ends with prayer.

Tent Inspection: This involves every camper setting their kit up at the front of their tent. This is to make sure that their tents do not get too untidy and to make sure they have all of their kit.