Pioneer Christian Camp has been running since 1952. It began with the aim of giving children a holiday in the country and teaching them about the Christian faith. This remains the aim of camp today. Most of the young people who come to camp attend Church youth clubs in the South East and Midlands.

From 2012 Pioneer Camp will have two camps each year. The younger and older camps of past years have been combined into a single camp for 9 to 17 year olds. Campers may attend the full camp (9 nights) or a shorter camp (5 nights). The GBM camp continues to be for 17 year olds upwards. The camp is a great place for kids to learn about The Bible, make friends, play games such as Tennisquoits, SoccaBoppa, Widegames and more.

Pioneer Camp provides a great holiday for young people who enjoy the outdoor life and joining in activities with friends. All campers are put into teams for various competitions and fun activities against each other or the staff. There is a Bible Time each day giving opportunity to sing and learn from the Bible.

Outings are made to local attractions, and there may be an opportunity for swimming (under supervision). Outings are for all the campers and are included in the cost of camp.

Pocket money (suggested £20) must be deposited into the camp bank on arrival at camp. There is a camp shop selling sweets, drinks, postcards, books and souvenirs. The shop does not open on Sunday.

Campers are divided into tents with up to six campers in each tent. Each camper is provided with a groundsheet and sleeping mat. Sleeping bags, blankets and pillows are not provided. Campers may bring their own sleeping mats, but airbeds and camp beds are not allowed due to lack of space. One or two members of staff are appointed as leaders to each tent.

All meals are served in a large marquee, with the campers sitting in their tent groups. Campers take it in turns to help with the work around camp such as serving meals, washing up and peeling potatoes.


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